Administrative Adjudication

Student Code of Conduct 

No Violation Established by the Administrator:

The Student Conduct Administrator will notify the respondent student or Registered Student Organization (RSO) that the university has found the respondent student or RSO not responsible for the violation(s) charged and that no sanction will apply. The matter will be closed without requiring further action by the respondent.


Violation Established - Acceptance of Responsibility:

The respondent student or RSO may accept responsibility for violating specified provisions of this policy and agree to complete the sanctions recommended by the Student Conduct Administrator.* Respondent students and RSOs choosing this option will forego the opportunity to appeal. The Student Conduct Administrator will send written confirmation to the respondent student or RSO of the finding(s) and sanction(s) that will be imposed.



*Each year, the majority of infractions of the Student Code of Conduct are resolved via Administrative Adjudication.