Conduct Appeal Board

Student Code of Conduct

Any appeal of the Student Conduct Board's (SCB) decision must be made by the respondent student or Registered Student Organization (RSO) in writing to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) using the Appeal Form within five business days following the date of notification of the decision.  The written appeal must contain any and all information relevant to the appeal, including any new evidence or information when new and pertinent evidence is the selected appeal ground. After SCAI receives the appeal, the Student Conduct Administrator may submit a statement responding to the claims or issues presented by the written appeal.  SCAI will submit the written appeal and response to a Conduct Appeal Board (CAB).

The CAB is comprised of three university community members with at least one student and one staff or instructional faculty member. The CAB will review the respondent’s written appeal as well as the written statement of the Student Conduct Administrator. The respondent student or RSO does not have a right to appear before the CAB or to make any statements other than the written appeal. The CAB will then make one of two recommendations to the SVPSA or designee concerning the appeal: (1) uphold the SCB determination, or (2) remand the matter to the SCB. The SVPSA or designee will review the recommendation of the CAB, make a final determination concerning the respondent’s appeal and notify the respondent student or RSO of that outcome. The SVPSA or designee has sole discretion to (i) accept the CAB recommendation or; (ii) reject the recommendation and remand or; (iii) render an alternative finding.

Appeals to the CAB may be based only on one or both of the following two criteria:

  1. New and pertinent evidence or information has come to light.
  2. A procedural error occurred that would have impacted the outcome of the case.