Sanction Review Board

Student Code of Conduct

Violation Established - Sanction Review Board (SRB):

Respondent student or Registered Student Organization (RSO) accepts responsibility but disagrees with recommended sanctions

If the respondent student or RSO accepts responsibility for violating specified provisions of this policy but disagrees with the sanctions recommended by the Student Conduct Administrator, the respondent student or RSO may contest the sanctions and seek review by the SRB. The request to the SRB must be submitted in writing within five business days from the date of notification of the Student Conduct Administrator’s determination using the Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) SRB form. After SCAI receives the request for review, the Student Conduct Administrator may submit a statement responding to the claims or issues presented by the request.  SCAI will submit the written request and response to the SRB.

The SRB is comprised of three university community members with at least one student and one staff or instructional faculty member.

The SRB will review the respondent student or RSO’s written statement contesting the sanctions, as well as a written statement from the Student Conduct Administrator explaining the basis and rationale for the recommended sanctions. The SRB will assign an appropriate sanction, which may be more severe than the recommended sanction. Decisions of the SRB are final and not subject to further appeal.

Based upon the SRB’s review, SCAI will notify the respondent student or RSO in writing of sanctions via their VCU email address. A decision by the SRB that results in a student or RSO being suspended or expelled from the university must be approved by the Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs (SVPSA) or designee.