Rights and Responsibilities

Student Code of Conduct 

All student and RSO respondents are provided the following rights and responsibilities throughout the university student conduct process:

  • To receive written notification of any alleged violation against them via official forms of university communication (i.e., VCU email) including a general summary of the complaint, contact information for the university employee to receive additional information, and the date by which such contact must occur.
  • To know the source of any allegation.
  • To know the specific alleged violation(s) of this policy.
  • To present their version of events giving rise to the allegations.
  • To know that any statements made by the reporting party, witnesses, and/or respondent may be used during the process.
  • To review and respond to any allegation or information presented to the decision-maker.
  • To present information by relevant and noncumulative witnesses.
  • To refrain from making any statement concerning alleged violations of this policy or from participating in the proceedings.
  • To be accompanied by an adviser of their choice and at their own expense during the university student conduct process for advisory purposes only. Advisers are not permitted to speak or to participate directly in the university student conduct process unless authorized by the Student Conduct Administrator. When selecting an adviser, students and RSO should consider any scheduled meetings or hearings. Delays in the university student conduct process will not be allowed due to the scheduling conflicts of an adviser.
  • Notice of the outcome of the proceedings including a description of any appeal process.
  • A decision-maker free from actual bias.

For information regarding notice of the outcome of the proceedings including a description of any appeal process see the Notification section of this policy.