Academic Misconduct

VCU Honor System Policy 

The Honor System prohibits the following acts of academic misconduct as defined below: 

Plagiarism: representing the words, ideas, facts, opinions, theories, illustrations, tables or any part of another’s work as one’s own on an academic assignment without customary and proper acknowledgment of the source.

Cheating: receiving, giving, or attempting to receive or give unauthorized assistance, such as materials, devices, information, notes or sources, related to academic matters. 

Lying: transferring, transmitting, or communicating any false statements concerning academic matters.

Stealing: taking or making academic material inaccessible, thereby temporarily or permanently depriving others of its use or possession.

Facilitation: helping or soliciting another person to commit an act of academic dishonesty. 

The Honor System seeks to end the misconduct in question, prevent a recurrence of similar misconduct, and remedy the effects of the misconduct on the university community.