Filing Charges and Adjudication

VCU Honor System Policy

Honor System Authority

The Director or designee may develop procedures for the administration of the VCU Honor System consistent with this policy, including procedural rules for conducting Decision Board hearings. He or she shall select the membership of the Honor Council and individual Decision, Sanction Review, and Appeal Boards. He or she will appoint an Administrator or board from among eligible Honor Council members to adjudicate matters as appropriate. If the Director determines that an appropriate board cannot be convened within a reasonable period of time, an ad hoc committee of appropriately trained university community members may be established to adjudicate the matter. Any question of interpretation or application of the Honor System shall be referred to the Director or designee for final determination. 

Please Note:

A Respondent shall be presumed not responsible for an alleged violation of the Honor System unless otherwise determined through a completed adjudication process; however,VCU willnot issue a degree to any student charged with violating the Honor System until an allegation has been completely investigated and adjudicated, including appeals. A temporary administrative hold shall be placed on the Respondent’s record pending resolution and forwarded to the Graduation Coordinator and the Respondent’s School or College. 

The Honor System adjudication process will be completed regardless of a Respondent’s decision to discontinue the course. A student should discuss with an academic advisor the potential consequences of a decision to discontinue attendance in or to drop or withdraw from a course in which an alleged violation has occurred.