Rights and Responsibilities

VCU Honor System Policy 

Members of the University Community: 

To support a commitment to the Honor System, all members of the VCU community are required to: (1) adhere to the Honor System policy and its procedures; (2) report any suspicion or knowledge of possible violations of the Honor System; (3) answer truthfully when called upon to do so regarding Honor System matters; and (4) maintain appropriate confidentiality related to Honor System matters. Harassing, pressuring, or intimidating any Reporting Party, Respondent, or other party involved in a pending matter will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action under the appropriate university policy, such as the Student or University Code of Conduct or policies governing harassment.


All instructors, including faculty, staff, and student instructors, are expected to discuss the Honor System at the beginning of a course and to describe Honor System requirements in course syllabi. An instructor suspecting a violation must file a charge with the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity and continue to administer, assess, or grade academic work on the specific assignment as if no violation of the Honor System has occurred.


All students must know and understand the Honor System. It is a student’s responsibility to ask course instructors to clarify requirements for each assignment if they are uncertain.

Parties Involved in Adjudication: 

Any Respondent has a right to the following:

    1. Notice of any charges concerning the Respondent, including the specific violation alleged and  the source of any such allegation;
    2. Notice of sanctions that may be imposed if violation is found to have occurred; and
    3. The option to refrain from admitting responsibility for alleged violations of the Honor System.

Both Reporting Parties and Respondents will have the opportunity to do the following:

    1. Present information;
    2. Provide witnesses; and
    3. Be accompanied by an advisor of their choice at their own expense during the Honor System adjudication process. Advisors may accompany participants for advisory purposes only and may not speak or participate directly in the adjudication process unless authorized by the Administrator or Chairperson. When selecting an Advisor, students should consider any scheduled meetings or hearings, as an Advisor’s scheduling conflicts will not be allowed to delay the adjudication process.