Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where can I find VCU's official policies regarding Student Conduct and Academic Integrity?

A:  Here are direct links to the Student Code of Conduct Policy and VCU Honor System Policy. Additionally, the University has a great policy library, located at

Q: What does a hold on my registration mean?

A: The University will not issue a degree to any student accused of a possible violation of the VCU Honor System until a case has been investigated and adjudicated completely, including appeals.  A hold will be placed for all students classified as seniors, graduate or professional students. 

Q: What is FERPA & will the student’s parents or guardians be notified of a violation?

A: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA, 1974) affords students the right to consent to disclose their educational records. A student can authorize, in writing, to have a designated person access confidential academic information.

A student’s parent or guardian will not be notified of an alleged VCU Honor System violation; a student can authorize their parent or guardian to have access to view confidential information.

Q: Will my records be released for a background check?

A: A student may need to provide a disciplinary history to a third party for a study abroad program, graduate school, employment, etc. With a signed release by the student, the university will release records that only include suspension, expulsion and for Honor System violations, sanctions of a grade of ‘F’ in the course.  Sanctions not noted on a transcript may not be released to an external agency.

Q: What records are maintained and for how long?

A: All records related to honor proceedings will be kept or destroyed in accordance with the Library of Virginia Records and Retention Disposition Schedule.

Notation of an ‘F’ resulting from an Honor System violation shall remain on the transcript for five years from the date of the last violation.  Notations of suspension, expulsion or revocation remain on the student’s transcript permanently.

Q: How can students learn more about properly representing words, ideas, facts, opinions theories, illustrations, tables or any part of another’s work within their own and properly acknowledging sources?

A: Consider taking advantage of some or all of the following options:

  • Consult with your professor or instructor regarding your specific concern or question.
  • Enroll in UNIV 101: Intro to the University-The VCU Honor System will be discussed and reviewed.
  • Enroll in UNIV 200 and or UNIV 111/112: Focused Inquiry-Proper research, drafting and citing techniques are taught throughout the semester.
  • Utilize the University Writing Center.
  • Review items with your thesis or dissertation advisor.
  • Attend VCU Libraries, Cabell Library Workshop on Writing with Integrity.